The correct handling of the pins and jewellery helps to ensure the beauty, shine and longevity of the piece of jewellery.

If you follow a few rules, your jewellery will remain beautiful for a long time. If a piece of jewellery is not worn, the ideal storage plays an important role.

  • The biggest enemies of pins and jewellery are moisture, cosmetics (lotions, hairspray, perfume, deodorant, oil, body spray, sunscreen) and sweat. That’s why you should always put on your jewelry last after styling and take it off first when you get home.
  • Do not wear your pin or jewellery when showering, bathing or doing sports. Solarium and sauna are also not suitable for the jewellery.

If the pin or jewellery comes into contact with water and sweat, the natural process of oxidation is intensified and your jewellery may tarnish over time. Especially the body’s own sweat is very aggressive for some people and causes the material to tarnish.

  • Clean your jewellery regularly.
  • Always keep your pin and jewellery in dry places, ideally in separate light-protected compartments or jewellery boxes.
  • Clean your jewelry with a fiber-free cloth after each use.

With the right care, the beauty and character of your jewellery will be preserved for a long time.