Answer the following 3 questions:

  1. How many charms in total should be on your pin?
  2. Should there be a chain on your pin?
  3. Should there be a bow on your pin?
  • By charms we mean all pendants – including letters.
  • A maximum of 9-10 charms fit directly on the pin and another maximum of 3 charms on chains.
  • Names should not have more than 8 letters (double names not more than 7 letters in total).
  • For double names: please write in the remarks if you want to have a charm between both names. If nothing is mentioned, the names just come one after the other.

Select the product

Example: name „Jana“, 3 more pendants, a chain and a bow -> select the product „pin with 7 charms“.

  • Click the color of the bow you want.
  • Click „with chain“.
  • Click on the charms you want to have.
  • Please click the letters for the name always in the correct order.
  • The pin is created by us in the way that best fits and what we consider to be the most beautiful. If you wish a specific order of the charms, please write it in the comments.
  • Do you like one of the sample pictures and would you like to have your pin as the same? Then please write this as well in the comments.
  • Do you have any special requests regarding the chain? You can also leave this information in the comments.

Leave your wishes in the comments field and put the product in the shopping cart.

  • Basically you can write all your wishes and comments in the remarks field. We will implement them as best as possible.
  • Please note that not every wish can always be realized. We ask for your understanding if there are any deviations, after all it is all about making the pin look beautiful and last for a long time.
  • For short communication channels you are welcome to write your Instagram name in the comments field so that we can contact you directly if we have any questions, because sometimes an e-mail can also end up in spam.

Pay for the product conveniently via PayPal or Klarna. DONE!

  • You will receive an e-mail with the order details – please also check the spam!
  • 2-5 working days after receipt of money your pin will be on its way to you.
  • If you have problems with your pin, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will certainly find a solution, because the satisfaction of our customers is very important to us.

And now have fun putting together your own personal pin.